Tenant Services

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) administers the legislation, provides information, holds rental bonds, provides dispute assistance and undertakes investigations.

We have provided for you here direct links to download the RTA booklets: Pocket Guide for tenants, Moving In, During The Tenancy & Moving Out, Notice of Intention to Leave Form 13.

If you require any further information please contact your property manager directly.

Notice of Intention to Leave Form 13

The Notice of intention to leave (Form 13) is used when the tenant/s are giving notice to the lessor/agent that they wish to vacate the premises by a certain date.

Click here to download RTA-notice-of-intention-to-leave-form13


Pocket guide for tenants – houses and units (Form 17a)

This handy 12-page pocket guide covers the basics of renting and is bright, engaging and easy to read.

Click here to download rta-pocket-guide-for-tenants-houses-and-units-form-17a


Moving In

This booklet covers information you need at the start of a tenancy including bond, rent, paying for utilities and entry condition report.

Click here to download 17a Moving in booklet


During a tenancy

This booklet covers important information during a tenancy including rights and responsibilities, disputes, maintenance, repairs, emergencies, fixtures, smoke alarms, rent increases/decreases, inspections and viewings, sale of property and extending a tenancy.

Click here to download 17a During tenancy booklet


Moving out

This booklet covers information for the end of a tenancy including ending or breaking an agreement, cleaning, exit condition report, getting your bond back and resolving problems.

Click here to download 17a Moving out booklet



Rental payments can only be made by using the MACQUARIE DEFT CARD you were given at signup.

Here you can download a copy of the How To Make a Payment Guide Here:

HOW TO PAY RENT via Macquarie DEFT Payment Systems